On August 16st I did my first hike at any type of altitude above 5000ft. The results were not as good as they could have been but it was fun none the less. A buddy of mine from work accompanied me on the way. To give a good idea on how bad I am at going up a mountain it took us about 7 hours to accend 4000ft and 2 hours to go back down.

dscf2168_small.jpg dscf2169_small.jpg dscf2170_small.jpg dscf2171_small.jpg
dscf2172_small.jpg dscf2173_small.jpg dscf2174_small.jpg dscf2175_small.jpg
thereitisonly1100ftleftbeforeihadtoturnaround_small.jpg dscf2177_small.jpg dscf2178_small.jpg dscf2179_small.jpg
dscf2180_small.jpg dscf2181_small.jpg dscf2182_small.jpg dscf2183_small.jpg
dscf2184_small.jpg dscf2185_small.jpg dscf2186_small.jpg dscf2187_small.jpg

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