Took another hike up to Tahquitz peak. Time time, was unique. Lots of Ice everwhere. Know as Rime Ice, it forms from fog and freezing tempuratures. I saw some ice that was extending 4" off pine needle. So very beautiful. Lots of downed trees as well. The added weight of all the ice enough to topple trees.

p1030669_small.jpg p1030670_small.jpg p1030671_small.jpg p1030672_small.jpg p1030677_small.jpg p1030678_small.jpg p1030680_small.jpg p1030681_small.jpg p1030682_small.jpg p1030683_small.jpg p1030684_small.jpg p1030686_small.jpg p1030688_small.jpg p1030690_small.jpg
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