On 8/25/2013, Patrick Lasu, Joshua Kastner and I set off to climb the highest peak in the contiguous United States. The trail is 22 miles round trip with >6,100ft of elevation gain. Starting at about 8,300ft and going to the summit of 14,505ft.

We stepped off the trail at 3:35am in the morning. It was a great hike, no smoke from the fires burning in Yosemite and Kern county. Heading up the ~97 switch backs, I counted 100 going up and 94 going down, Josh felt the pain of the mountain and had to turn back on switchback 92, an impressive feat for anyone. Looking up statistics it says that 70% of people that attempt Mt. Whitney do not make the summit.

Patrick and I continued on and made the summit at 11:15am. We could start to smell the smoke from the fires rolling in and started back down at 12:00. We made quick time coming back down and hit the portal at 5:05pm, enough time for burgers and a beer before heading home. Great trip!

p1040272_small.jpg p1040274_small.jpg p1040275_small.jpg p1040277_small.jpg p1040278_small.jpg
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