Carlsbad Caverns in HDR. All of these photos are HDR (High Dynamic Resolution). It involves taking three photos each at a different expose of -2, 0, +2 and then combining them. This enables you to view the dark areas and the light areas all at once and gives more of what the human eye will see.

caverns2_small.jpg caverns3_small.jpg caverns4_small.jpg caverns5_small.jpg
caverns6_small.jpg caverns7_small.jpg caverns8_small.jpg caverns9_small.jpg
caverns10_small.jpg caverns11_small.jpg caverns12_small.jpg caverns13_small.jpg
caverns14_small.jpg caverns15_small.jpg caverns16_small.jpg caverns17_small.jpg
caverns18_small.jpg caverns19_small.jpg caverns20_small.jpg caverns21_small.jpg
caverns22_small.jpg caverns23_small.jpg caverns24_small.jpg caverns25_small.jpg
caverns26_small.jpg caverns27_small.jpg caverns28_small.jpg caverns29_small.jpg
caverns30_small.jpg caverns_small.jpg

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